QUIKSCAF STEEL RINGLOCK SYSTEM                                                 FOR HIRE & SALE

QUIKSCAF is our choice of brand for ringlock system scaffold.

Available for HIRE and for SALE this steel modular scaffold system has all-round versatility, an efficient building process, and is easily recognisable by its typical circular ‘rosette’.

QUIKSCAF’s interchangeable components provide versatility and make it easily adaptable if the structure needs to be extended or reconfigured according to the projects progress.

It offers an unbeatably fast assembly, can be erected with minimum labour, uses an easy interlocking system, no bolts, no spanners, no tightening required.

Its speed & low manpower make QUIKSCAF exceptionally cost-effective and an economic choice for large projects.

To purchase QUIKSCAF ringlock system scaffold for your own business  call 0800 666 468.

To hire scaffolding for your next project send us your enquiry or call 0800 666 468.

View one of our QUIKSCAF projects.