Client Name:
Focus Construction Limited

Client Category:

Commercial Construction Company

Project Scope & Location:

Mairangi Bay School in Auckland required its school hall to be completely reclad. Scaffold was required to access all walls of the hall as well as the roof overwhich a shrinkwrap was used to fully enclose the building from outside elements. The span of the roof was over 25m in both North and South directions.

Service Type & Product Used:

Full scaffolding and shrinkwrap encapsulation of the school hall using Tube & Clip

Project Delivery:

Although this project took near 2 weeks to complete, it was ready in a timely manner enabling the construction team to begin their work on time. The large span of the halls’ roof provided a challenge to put a temporary roof over top. However we achieved the goal by building a temporary structure on the centre of the roof which was not being reclad and this served to support the large roof structure. The scaffold was a success and no structural additions or modifications were required.