TUBE & CLIP SCAFFOLD                                                                    FOR HIRE & SALE

Tube & Clip is an original type of scaffolding system, traditional, tried & true.

Using Tube & Clip, the scaffold structure is entirely built from scratch on-site. Galvanised steel tubes are run vertically, horizontally and diagonally, fixed together by clamps. Wooden planks are laid horizontally to act as walking surfaces.

Therefore although more labour-intensive, Tube & Clip allows for a total custom-built design according to the quirks of your building/structure. Its versatility allows for vertical tubes to be spaced uniquely and walking-decks to be placed at your required levels for the optimal work space (safely within the limits of engineering constraints).

In other words, the scaffold design fits exclusively to your building structure as your construction team requires.

View one of our Tube&Clip projects.