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Industrial Scaffolding in Auckland

Specialists in Industrial Scaffolding

We provide industrial scaffold and shoring systems for essential works such as plant maintenance, modifications and upgrades, outages, shutdowns and turnarounds, protective coatings, industrial insulation, and capital projects.

Affordable Group Industrial Scaffolding  services in Auckland encompass customer-oriented solutions, ensuring your project is stabilised and accessible at all heights and in all areas for your work to commence on time.

Our services are fully compliant with industry standards and are carried out by our SARNZ qualified and certified installers:

  • 1000mm wide platforms to provide a safe, weight-sensitive, and stable base
  • Edge protection and guard rails to keep workers safe and materials enclosed
  • Mobile scaffolding as an alternative to extensive scaffolding, providing fast, easy access to all work areas
  • Temporary fences to keep tools and equipment secure, hazards enclosed, and the passing public safe
  • Roof protection adjusted to the pitch angle to prevent falls and protect ground staff
  • Shrink wrap to weather-proof the building and contain pollutants, dust, and debris
  • Propping (falsework) to provide appropriate support equipment to uphold the structure.

Affordable Group Scaffolding is 100% committed to all aspects of our work: skill, health and safety, communication, time management, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Affordable Scaffolding

We understand that any disruption during trading hours can cause disorder and downtime so we ensure our team is fast, efficient, and flexible.

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